Our Why

We exist to create wealth beyond rational expectations for our partners through real estate investment. We have a passion for creating wins for our partners and making real estate investing easy.

Hanson Capital Group is a vertically integrated company of real estate experts providing real estate investors with debt and equity options for passive investment. Our diversified investment approach allows us to be agile in dealing with evolving market conditions and enlarges our scope of opportunity while maximizing returns against minimized risk. We focus on opportunities that meet the minimum return standards of our conservative underwriting, while offering the high probability to substantially exceed those returns.

Our Philosophy

Today more than ever, it is crucial to diversify investments across a wide range of investment vehicles. Our approach to investing in commercial real estate as a non-market correlated investment vehicle is an ideal alternative to a traditional investment portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Realizing higher than average returns coupled with the ability to invest in a tangible asset, offers an attractive opportunity for investors to amplify their current portfolio.

Our Approach

Our success is the result of an unrelenting commitment and loyalty to our core values and purpose. Our diversified approach to investing provides our partners the very thing we get most excited about, helping them achieve personal and financial success. As a multi strategy commercial real estate investment firm that sources, underwrites, funds, and operates properties in the most desirable markets we strive to produce  superior risk adjusted returns for our partners.

Investing with Hanson Capital Group is easy — it manages the entire transaction from sourcing the deal to asset disposition seamlessly. Hanson Capital Group’s investors enjoy all the benefits of owning commercial real estate without the stress and day-to-day responsibilities associated with owning commercial real estate.

Meticulously Underwrite and Close on the Top 1% of Opportunities
Execute with an Unrelenting Commitment to Excellence
Provide Partners Superior Risk Adjusted Returns
Broaden our Reputation for Excellence Amongst Partners and Within Industry
Realize Influx of Capital and Buying Power
Increased Access to Quality Deal Flow

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Our Services

Hanson Capital

Hanson Capital

Facilitating investments in lending through trust deed investing for over a decade.

Hanson Equity Partners

Hanson Equity Partners

Partner with us for the benefits of investing in commercial real estate without the headaches of being a landlord.

Hanson Development

Hanson Development

Developing Class A real estate to deliver excellent risk adjusted returns.

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