Creating wealth beyond rational expectations for our partners

through real estate “DEBT” investments

Debt Investment?

Our experienced team has worked through a variety of economic cycles and market phases and understand the various facets of real estate and lending. We designed the Hanson Capital Debt Fund I, LLC to provide passive monthly income by investing in a portfolio of trust deeds secured by investment real estate. To accomplish this, the Fund uses the capital investments from its members to make short-term loans secured by real estate. Participating in a diversified pool of such investments, we believe, provides you with the opportunity to boost the overall yield in your fixed income portfolio without directly subjecting more of your principal to the fluctuations of the stock and bond markets.

Hanson Capital Debt Fund I

Organized to invest in high yield, short term, secured trust deeds collateralized by real property primarily located in the Southwestern United States.

Purpose: The Fund seeks to provide investors with monthly income from a managed portfolio of trust deed investments. To accomplish this, it focuses on loans within a specialty segment of the real estate lending market, consisting mainly of borrowers believed to be underserved by community, regional and national banks.

Offering Type: Regulation D – Private Placement for Accredited Investors

Offering Size: $100,000,000

Minimum Investment Amount: $50,000

  • Collateral Property Types The real property underlying loans targeted for investment is expected to consist of primarily non-owner-occupied residential as well as commercial properties such as multi-family, retail, office, industrial, mixed-use, self-storage, and entitled land, among others.

  • Targeted Return The Fund intends to pursue those investments it expects will, over their respective anticipated holding periods, allow the Fund to achieve an average annual rate of return of between eight percent (8.00%) and twelve percent (12.00%), after fees and expenses. With the application of leverage the Fund anticipates establishing stable double digit annual returns.

  • Distributions Members will be eligible for monthly distributions of the Fund’s earnings. Any distribution of Net Profits will be made on a monthly basis, in arrears, and distributions to Members shall be prorated as applicable for the amount of time a Member is a member of the Fund during the applicable accounting period.

  • Reinvestment Members have the option of having their share of cash distributions credited to their capital accounts and reinvested in the Fund to compound earnings.

Investor Benefits

We make investing easy by providing our investor partners with the opportunity to invest in real estate without the hassle of managing real estate. We handle everything from sourcing and underwriting to servicing and disposition while providing our partners with attractive monthly returns automatically sent to their accounts each month.

Passive Monthly Income
Tax Benefits
Diversified Risk
Full Time Utilization
Greater Leveraged Returns
Quality Assets
Reinvestment Rollover Option

Why Us?

The principals of our manager have worked through a variety of economic cycles and market phases and understand the various facets of real estate and lending. With a team of specialized personnel at our disposal, we are able to accommodate a variety of real estate loans, including but not limited to, commercial and residential acquisitions, development, and construction loans. Our due diligence and decision making processes are thorough, but well-refined, in order to ensure timely and proper execution on all fronts. Accordingly, we believe the Fund will be well-positioned in the marketplace and will enjoy significant opportunities to deploy its capital at attractive terms.

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