At Hanson Capital we’re more than just a lender, we’re making money easy.

  • Asset Based Lending

    Focused primarily on asset based lending, our team of industry veterans and “make sense” approach to underwriting allows us to find creative solutions, adding value to Real Estate transactions for over ten years.
  • Simple Process

    Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible, from the application to funding and beyond.
  • Bridge to Permanent

    We can help you through the full life cycle of your ownership at all phases of the real estate transaction, from dirt to development, and from bridge to permanent.
  • Leverage is Key

    We believe the proper leverage and financing is the best way to grow long term wealth in real estate.

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Application Process

At Hanson Capital we understand not every deal will fit in the same box. Our industry veterans are committed to working with you to find a solution that makes sense. Need a quick close or unconventional solution to get your deal done? Let us help. Our goal is to be your first call, every time. We will always do our best to provide you with the fastest, most competitive solutions available to get your project across the finish line.

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Loan Programs We Offer

Fix & Flip Loans

Fix and Flip loans are designed to be a simple & fast solution to fund the acquisition and/or renovations of investment real estate. Fix and Flip loans are available for non owner occupied investment real estate of all types, from single family homes to multifamily or commercial buildings.

Terms & More Details

These loans are underwritten based primarily on the property itself which allows us to make quick, sensible decisions getting you the funding you need, when you need it.

  • Funding Up to 85% of Purchase Price
  • Loans available Investment Real Estate including: SFR, Multifamily, Commercial
  • Additional Renovation funding up to 100% of hard costs

6 - 12 Month Terms

0 - 2 Origination Points

$50,000 - $5MM Loan Amount

8% - 13% Rates

Bridge Loans

Usually short term in nature, bridge loans are typically used to swiftly capitalize on opportunities others may miss out on by using the time consuming conventional financing methods. With same day approval letters available, our clients are able to submit cash offers on their investment acquisitions moving them to the top of the list!

Terms & More Details

Since these loans do not have steep prepayment penalties they’re an excellent alternative for a quick purchase with the intention to refinance conventionally after closing.

  • Funding Up to 85% of Purchase Price
  • Open to all types of Real Estate including Primary Residences!

6 - 12 Month Terms

0 - 2 Origination Points

$50,000 - $5MM Loan Amount

8% - 13% Rates

Cash Out Refinance

Our clients frequently use the equity they have in rental properties, commercial assets, land or even their primary residence to further their investment goals. Cash out refinances are a popular choice to maximize leverage on new purchases or fund renovations on different projects. Pulling equity out of an existing property can provide speed and flexibility to a construction project or bridge the gap on a new purchase.

Terms & More Details

Clients love cash out refinances because we can typically roll all of the closing costs and even some interest payments into the loan!

  • Funding Up to 80% LTV
  • Open to all types of real estate, even primary residences!

6 - 24 Month Terms

0 - 2 Origination Points

$50,000 - $5MM Loan Amount

7% - 13% Rates

Construction Loans

With our background in development we’re able to use the same make sense approach to construction as we do all of our other loans, making the process fast and simple. Traditional financing can be difficult to obtain and even more difficult to deal with during the construction process. Hanson Capital funds, services and manages our construction loans in-house which means you’ll deal directly with the same team from the time you apply through all of your construction draws.

Terms & More Details

The advantage of having a team that understands your project and goals from day 1 through construction is intangible. We love to build relationships with our builders, learning their products and earning a position as a valuable partner in the process.

  • Funding Up to 70% of land purchase and up to 100% of Construction Cost
  • Many product types such as: SFR, Multifamily, Commercial

12 - 18 Month Terms

0 - 2 Origination Points

$50,000 - $5MM Loan Amount

9% - 13% Rates

The Funding Process

Hanson Capital’s approach to working with borrowers is simple

We offer you excellent customer service, support you in completing your loan application, and provide you with fast, reliable answers about your loan. Let our qualified team at HC take the hassle out of financing for you. With regular, clear communication and cooperation we can fund your loan quickly.

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